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Agiolax Granulat



Constipation can be a great burden on us in our daily lives; bowel movements are usually very difficult or even impossible for a few days. We often feel bloated and complain of a feeling of fullness.

Agiolax Madaus granules are a short-term remedy for constipation. It is a herbal remedy that helps quickly and reliably with two different active ingredients.

Senna leaves help very quickly and make it easier to go to the toilet. Your own well-being returns quickly.

Psyllium husks act as a swelling agent, making the stool softer and more voluminous. The urge to go to the toilet becomes more pleasant. A doctor should always be consulted if the symptoms persist for a long time. At arzneiprivat you can buy Agiolax Madaus granules quickly and cheap.


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3 reviews for Agiolax Granulat

  1. Lesly B

    Thanks for the prescription, feel way better now an will be needing more

  2. Marina Lopez

    Thank u’ll so much for coming through ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Digne Cameron

    I’m glad I contacted you guys , I’m coming back an will be needing more pills ? for cuz I gat some issues with my back

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